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Our vision is to create a global community which knows the art of creating happiness as a global development goal. Happy Globe seeks to inspire individuals, communities, organizations and nations to live more purposeful, compassionate and happier lives, leaving a legacy of enlightenment that will pass on to several generations. We joins a very large and growing movement for the promotion of purposeful living and happiness around the world.
The State of Bhutan pioneered the happiness movement by measuring economic development in human rather than just economic terms, through what they call the Gross National Happiness (GNH) index, instead of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Other nations such as Belgium has also adopted a similar policy and established a Ministry of Happiness.. The United Nations in lauding the initiative of Bhutan, has also introduced a global index to measure happiness in countries across the world and declared 20th March, 2013 as International Day of Happiness – the same day Happy Globe was launched!
Many large corporations such as Google, IBM, NASA, and HP have happiness programmes and even a Chief Happiness Officer,CHO, who is as necessary and familiar to the organisational structure as a CEO. In short, the pursuit of happiness has now found its way into the formal structure of organisations and governments.

At Happy Globe, we’ve already launched our own initiative with thousands of people already registered. The principle is simple, if you commit to sharing happiness with others, each day in some small way, the happiness you need so much, returns.
Happiness cannot be held; it exists only when it is shared.