Happy Globe Music festival originated from the idea of spreading happiness, Festival will be held in Delhi, India in the month of March. The festival will be held with the approach to promote the quality of life for individual who are suffering from any kind of mental disorder. Music has been considered as a very powerful medium which can influence the life of people in one way or other. Recently WHO reported that one in four people is suffering from some kind of mental disorder, which resultant in the abuse of various life depleting substances like drugs and alcohol. Happy globe music festival is used as a medium to highlight such problem and create awareness regarding this. The aim is to reach out to every individual facing problems of mental health and eradicate the stigma associated with it because every person deserves peace of mind and long lasting happiness.

Music is considered to be a spell that can heal anything and everything, it can heal One’s broken heart, while it can motivate the other person. The power of music is well known and it is even used in medical practices also.

With this initiative to promote our cause organize various events at variety of levels such as at each and every campus associated with higher education and aim to provide quality education in various fields to students, these target institutes consists of IITs, IIMs, Amity, and NLU campuses among many other educational institutes, while also take the help of Theatrical production houses present throughout the country or by taking part in events such as Jaipur Literature festival to promote the cause. With the motto to promote happiness, Happy Globe Music festival has associated with other music festivals like Mahindra Blues, Sunburn and others to target a large group of people in the society whereas by associating with corporate companies like Jaipur rugs, Aegis homes and many others to provide funds for the events.

The main aim of Happy Globe music festival is to promote happiness and create awareness regarding various kind of mental disorders which people are suffering from nowadays. People we aim to target are the youngsters which nowadays are highly found to be suffering from some kind of mental disorder, In recent nation survey it was found that 1 out of every 4 college students suffer from some form of mental illness, it was also found that 75 percent of college students do not seek help for mental health problems. Those 75 percent either don’t know that they are suffering from such ordeal and if they know then they don’t know from where and how they can get help. Thus to help and spread awareness regarding mental disorder we tend to use various concepts of life like comedy, craziness, dance, music, art and motivational talks by creating many other interesting tasks. Happy Globe Music festival is one such event via which we would like to achieve our goal, we are using Music as a medium as music is found to me one of the most common factors among our target group.

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