How our mutual association/partnership aims to build a strong community?

Our first mission is to aim 200 University/College Campuses and schools across India, where we will organize Happy Globe Festival for mental Health Awareness. These campuses will be tagged as “Happy Campus”. Under the tag of “Happy Campus”, we plan to organize an event where our vision is promoted through Music, sports, and inspirational talks. By creating a community supported by corporates, Institutions, Artist, NGOs, Motivational speakers, recreational activity instructors, entrepreneurs and visionary personalities, we want to make an everlasting impact among youngsters by creating a huge impact on their surroundings.

Our project will impact the crowd of more than 40 lakh youngsters which includes people associated with our targeted institutions, NGOs and other organizations through our activities. Our relationship with associated organizations will cater the need to form a mass platform with social impact. It will create an influential social image for your organization and thus enhance the overall value of your venture in the long run.

We will promote all our events in the association with our partners at Educational Institutions, NGOs, Corporate Houses, and Training Centres through conferences, workshops and at all the events of our associates.