We have started an NGO name “Happy Globe Vision Foundation”. We wish to reach out to every individual facing problems of mental health and eradicate the stigma associated with it because every person on this planet deserves peace of mind and long lasting happiness. We aim at promoting mental health awareness. We at Happy Globe want everyone to walk with a smile. If you or anyone in your family is facing challenges pertaining to mental health, we provide consulting through our website which will help you overcome the problem. Most importantly, our foundation is at your service 24×7! We intend to build a global platform and anticipate that this platform will be helpful especially for people with depression and suicidal tendencies. With Happy Globe, we will encourage people towards meditation. Meditation has been found to be effective in overcoming challenges such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety, thus creating a harmony in the body and mind. We are planning to organize a Happy Globe Music Festival 2017 in the month of March in Delhi where artist from all over the world will participate to promote common cause of mental health. Our other projects will focus on IITs, IIMs and the institutes of higher education where our music festival will promote our cause.